Best Practices, Guides, and Resources to work during COVID-19 crisis

A curated list of resources on safety, guides, and best practices for journalists to follow while reporting on the COVID-19 crisis from media organizations around the world.  

1.  First things first – safety. The Chennai and Kolkata Press Clubs have published a COVID-19 safety guide for journalists that includes imperative measures such as distant seating during press conferences, distant recording, mic hygiene and so on.

Here’s the link to the list –

For more information on safety, read this safety advisory from the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) –

2. The Public Media Alliance (PMA), a global association of public media organisations, has compiled a list of resources for journalists and media workers. 

Here’s the link to the list –

Top three picks from PMA’s compilation:

3. Internews, an international non-profit media organization, has published safety tips, tools for reporting while social distancing, and several other useful guides for journalists.

Here’s the link to the list –

Top three picks from Internews’s guides:

4. MIT’s Knight Science Journalism has compiled an extensive list of tools and resources for reporting on COVID-19.

Here’s the link –

Top three picks from Knight Science Journalism’s list:

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(Researched and written by Geetha Srimathi Sreenivasan)