VP Venkaiah Naidu lauds press for its work during COVID-19 crisis

The Press Council of India organized a webinar on ”Role of Media during the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Media” to mark the National Press Day on November 16.

Vice President Venkiah Naidu praised the press for their non-stop coverage of all the happenings, unmindful of the grave risks associated with the pandemic.

He said, “My deepest appreciation to each and every journalist, cameraman and others, who have been striving constantly to disseminate news and information.”

Naidu also said that any attack on the freedom of the press is detrimental to national interests and should be opposed by one and all.

Speaking about the lay-offs in print and electronic media, Naidu appealed to all stakeholders to come together and find innovative solutions to the extraordinary situation created by the pandemic.

Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Jaishankar Gupta, C K Nayak, members of the Press Council of India, also spoke at the webinar.

“Freedom of press is the soul of democracy. Freedom of press is very important but any freedom comes with responsibility. So, there has to be a responsible freedom and no sensationalism by the press,” said Javadekar.

Watch Naidu’s speech:

National Press Day across India:

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